Let’s talk Apps to help with online study

Online study has its challenges but we are here to help make it easier. We got the 411 on what you need to help get you through this! Discussion Board Your Discussion Board is one of the best places to gather information. Everything is right there, and everyone in the class can contribute. Most boards … Continue reading Let’s talk Apps to help with online study

Cyber security: data protection

We are continuing our five part special on cyber security. This week we are talking about data protection - encrypting your portable and removable devices. We told you about staying safe at home, but you need to be secure your USBs and external hard drives as well. Store in the cloud Chances are, you're probably … Continue reading Cyber security: data protection

Get some of those sweet discounts

We told you about getting Microsoft Office 365 for free – now, it’s time to tell you about our other discounts! We know it’s important to have the right tools for the job, and be in budget at the same time. Therefore, we have some most excellent news on this subject. Discounts on software AND … Continue reading Get some of those sweet discounts