Cyber security: mobile devices

Much of our life is spent online. In fact, if the recent world health pandemic taught us nothing else, it proved how much could be achieved online! This means we need to be just as vigilant wandering around as we are at home. We need to keep devices encrypted or watch out for scams and … Continue reading Cyber security: mobile devices

Get some of those sweet discounts

We told you about getting Microsoft Office 365 for free – now, it’s time to tell you about our other discounts! We know it’s important to have the right tools for the job, and be in budget at the same time. Therefore, we have some most excellent news on this subject. Discounts on software AND … Continue reading Get some of those sweet discounts

What came first – blog or social?

Actually, it was our social! That’s right, we have been sharing stuff on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a while now and we want to connect our readers to our channels. And for those already following our socials - welcome to our blog! Facebook Instagram Twitter We are delighted in how responsive everyone has … Continue reading What came first – blog or social?