Win $3500…still not convinced?

So you've heard that we're hosting our third annual Hackathon, but still aren't quite sure what it's about. We've found a few articles and blogs that'll give you the full rundown! Firstly... what is a Hackathon? According to Wikipedia (you know, a totally legit source), "A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or … Continue reading Win $3500…still not convinced?

What came first – blog or social?

Actually, it was our social! That’s right, we have been sharing stuff on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a while now and we want to connect our readers to our channels. And for those already following our socials - welcome to our blog! Facebook Instagram Twitter We are delighted in how responsive everyone has … Continue reading What came first – blog or social?

Protect your digital life

When you think of your valuable items you generally think of tangible objects in your home. Might be your car, TV, jewellery, that $500 pair of shoes you’ve never worn but they look nice in the cupboard. But what about the valuable information you have online including your online identity and data? More than ever, … Continue reading Protect your digital life

What is phishing?

It’s a play on the word ‘fishing’ where you use bait to catch a victim – in this case, it’s often through your emails but increasingly Phishing is being done via phone and SMS. It involves an attempt to get you to take action to provide sensitive information such as passwords, bank account numbers or even attempts to affect your devices … Continue reading What is phishing?

Our App Ideas Challenge winners!

Ah…the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We received close to 100 app ideas, and let us tell you, you made it hard for us to choose the top 3! Thank you for putting the time and effort into visualising and describing an app that would better the student life here at Griffith University. However, … Continue reading Our App Ideas Challenge winners!

Submitting your assignments with no stress

After smashing multiple coffees, obtaining little sleep, writing, re-writing, referencing, editing, yawning and then finally adding the final full stop to the conclusion, you’ve finished your assignment. You get to the submission point just in time, but to your horror, you realise you don’t know how to submit the assignment. So, let’s learn exactly how … Continue reading Submitting your assignments with no stress

Learning@Griffith – your online learning environment

  How amazing would it be if there was one place where you could find all your lecture notes, course readings, lecture recordings, grades and more important stuff? Well, fortunately we are all over it! Learning@Griffith is your essential info guide. Once enrolled, each of your subjects will have its own tab on Learning@Griffith, where … Continue reading Learning@Griffith – your online learning environment