Need to be online while not a home?

Did you know as a Griffith student, or staff member, you can connect on a worldwide network called Eduroam? Eduroam is an agreement between educational institutions to share access to their wireless networks. This means you can connect and use your Griffith access around the world. Or even while just up the road from home! … Continue reading Need to be online while not a home?

How to download your FREE Microsoft Office software

So, we’re pretty sure you’re aware by now that students can download Microsoft Office for free. And if you didn’t know that and have already purchased your software, we send our sincere condolences. It’s all well and good to be offered this amazing free software, but how exactly do you actually download it to use? … Continue reading How to download your FREE Microsoft Office software

Find an available computer

There is nothing worse than getting to uni to study and finding no free computers. So, we created a delightful little webpage which shows you which computers are free and where they are on campus. You don’t need to be on your home campus when using facilities, you can go to any Griffith University campus … Continue reading Find an available computer

Do you use Griffith Wi-Fi? Update your device to stay connected!

We understand the importance of Wi-Fi in daily life. We also want to ensure total online safety of our students here at Griffith University. So, from Thursday 29 August, security improvements to the Griffith Wi-Fi network will be available to all staff and students. If you have a mobile phone, tablet, Mac, Linux or non-Griffith Wi-Fi … Continue reading Do you use Griffith Wi-Fi? Update your device to stay connected!

Hackathon success!

On the weekend of 3-4 August, we saw our annual Hackathon event commence in the Nathan campus library. Sponsored by Redbull and Microsoft, the Digital Solutions Hackathon is a 30-hour event which involves creativity and collaboration to transform amazing app ideas which would benefit student life at Griffith into a reality. We were overwhelmed not … Continue reading Hackathon success!

How we are improving student printing

Did you know student printing is improving at Griffith? The current system is due to be replaced and upgraded with a brand new printing system, myPrint, on Monday 19 August 2019. The change over to myPrint commences 12 August, and during this time, student printing is available and free – so get those assignments ready! … Continue reading How we are improving student printing

Encrypting your USBs

Cyber safety with USB drives Using a USB drive can be a convenient method of storing files, either as a (temporary) backup of specific data or for sharing or transferring files such as presentations, spreadsheets, documents or other information. However, it’s important to ensure cyber safety around USB drives for two reasons: USB drives can … Continue reading Encrypting your USBs

MyGriffith – your personal student portal

  New on campus? Or perhaps just want to know a bit more about myGriffith! This is your student portal which is personalised to you and can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime. It provides a homepage with links to all the Griffith sites you’ll rely on while studying at Griffith. These include: Links … Continue reading MyGriffith – your personal student portal

Submitting your assignment with ease

  Submitting your written assignment online is a super easy process. We’ve outlined the process below, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to not only leave yourself enough time to submit (none of this 11:59 pm risky business), however also that you obtain a digital receipt of your submission. This proves that you … Continue reading Submitting your assignment with ease