Quiz time!

We love it when everyone does these, so be fun and play along!

  • What’s your favourite book? The Old Man and the Sea
  • Where did you go to primary school? Griffith Primary
  • What’s your pet’s name? Elbow, well actually it’s Macaroni, but he gets called ‘Elbow’. 🤣🤣
  • What’s your favourite colour? Blue
  • Where were you born? Brisbane
  • How many kids do you have and what are their names? 2 – Jayden and Courtney
  • What was your first car? Toyota Corolla

Do these look familiar? Well, they should! They are security questions to get you into your accounts.

You might think you are having harmless fun and just sharing information with your friends, but remember on Facebook you are sharing it with all your ‘friends.’ Including the random neighbour you had when you were 10 or the weird roommate when you first moved out of home. And that’s if you share only with ‘friends’. What about those who keep their profile public! Now you’re sharing it with anyone who happens to hit a keyword in your profile on a search engine.

Security experts, not just in cyber crimes, have been warning us against this practice for a few years now. Yet it seems on Facebook you get asked to ‘copy and paste, delete my answers and write in your own’ from time and again.

You might think you are safe, and you use fake names, but remember that often Facebook and Instagram have joined you up, even if you didn’t. Facebook is also monitoring your offsite activity – but that’s totally for better advertising they swear! TikTok collects a massive amount of data, and China doesn’t align itself with the same privacy/data collection laws as Europe, Australia or the United States.

For joining social media, we suggest creating a few burner emails to help keep them separated. However, remember the apps are on your phone, and it’s connected to your mobile number. And that’s all they need.

Fun questions can lead to identity theft.

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