Free MATE Bystander Webinar

We know it’s not strictly #GriffithUniIT related, but we think it’s pretty important.

The effects of Covid-19 and its uncertainties are increasing anxiety and stress on ALL our relationships. It may be happening to you, someone close to you, or someone in your community. We know that sometimes, stress in relationships can become serious and violent.

Shaan Ross-Smith and Anoushka Dowling from the MATE Bystander Program are hosting free webinars for Griffith students on how to be effective bystanders and how to offer support to others during this time – particularly if we believe that someone we know may be experiencing or using violence.

May is Domestic & Family Violence (DFV) Prevention month, and this year it unfortunately coincides with a range of new concerns being raised across the community about the added complexities of Covid-19 on DFV.  These concerns include increased risk to victim-survivors due to social restrictions (and therefore increased violence being experienced), decreased ability for individuals to seek support from services (and anticipated influx to services as restrictions start to ease), and concerns being raised by others, that through working/learning from home and platforms such as Teams and Zoom, they are now getting an insight into potential violence in employees homes, but unsure what to do.

In partnership with the Safe Campuses initiative, the MATE Program team will be holding a free webinar for Griffith students:

  • Webinar for students and staff: How to be an effective bystander during Covid-19
  • 10.30am – 11.30am, Tuesday 19 May 2020
  • Join using Microsoft Teams

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