App Idea Challenge winners!

App Idea Challenge

Drumroll please……. We have the winners!

We read through hundreds of your amazing ideas as part of our App Idea Challenge. You made it pretty tough on us to choose the top three! Thank you for putting the time and effort into visualising and describing an app that would better the student life here at Griffith University. The winners are….

1st Place
Max Ziukelis with BachelorPad

A big congratulations to our $750 first place winner, Max Ziukelis! Currently in his final year of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts, Max won the judges over with the app idea, BachelorPad.
BachelorPad aims to rectify some of the confusion and uncertainty that many students face when planning their degrees.

He was inspired by his own challenges when changing majors in his double degree, navigating the often-vague particularities of degree requirements and deciding what subjects to take became an involved exercise for him.

BachelorPad aims to visualise this progression, and provide intuitive planning resources that put students in better control of their program. At its core, it will:

  • Clarify degree requirements by connecting them to their corresponding subjects.
  • Visualise progression by graphically representing fulfilment of specific degree criteria.
  • Allow students to plan for future subject enrolments in later trimesters (and extrapolate these plans into anticipated graduation dates).

Expanding on his idea, he continued to describe how it could also function as a mobile enrolment planner, allowing flexibility on enrolment day for busy students.

We think this is a great idea, and definitely worthy of first place!

2nd Place
Lalatuai Grogan with BlakApp

Lalatuai Grogan came in at second place, winning $500 for her app idea, BlakApp, a “First Nation’s application specific to Griffith University, it’s students and mob”. A Griffith QCA student studying Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, she is a Kuku Yalanji and Tolai woman. She drew on her experiences navigating university and wanted to create a way to make students aware and appreciative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, contexts and knowledges.

BlakApp aims to connect community and country. An application that any student, at any campus, can access to find out the culturally significance sights, blak public artworks and resource centres, or to find out information on/do a module on cultural competency. For International students, or students without a connection to the community, they can find out about Indigenous knowledge, the local community’s connection to county, how to care for country, support First Nations events and artists or easily find information about Aboriginal contexts, knowledges and theory for their assignment.

She continued to elaborate on BlakApp’s capabilities for general information regarding events, announcements, videos, First Nation’s content, news and country knowledge sharing. Also, GUMMURRII community specific information on scholarships, opportunities and staff and student info – an area where students can create their own initiatives with other Griffith University students.

She expanded on the idea to include a number of links to Indigenous media content and opportunities for content production initiatives, creating a feeling of community, and a place for people to reach out as an entry point for further information and resources on Indigenous context and knowledge. This in turn keeps Indigenous knowledges alive by sharing it.

At a place where everyone belongs, we think this is a great idea for Griffith.

3rd Place
Erin Condrin with GriffithOnWheels

Our third place and $250 prize goes to the well-deserved Masters of Speech Pathology Student, Erin Condrin and her app Griffith On Wheels. Erin has been a wheelchair user since the age of 15 and is passionate about inclusivity in education and the workplace.

Griffith On Wheels aims to reduce the challenges students with disabilities might face when starting tertiary studies. Whilst the Griffith App helps students navigate around campus, what happens when the navigation route leads to stairs? What about when it rains and the shortest way across campus is just not possible with a wheelchair or mobility aid? This is where Griffith On Wheels comes into play.

Where are the closest accessible bathrooms you ask? The answer is just a touch away. How do I get to my lectures? How do I avoid the rain? All of these answers will be contained in this interactive App, created in conjunction with Griffith’s disabled students who have the know-how. For disabled students by disabled students. We agree with Erin, it is a wheely great idea.

Congratulations again to Max, Lalatuai and Erin.

There were so many amazing ideas that we have to give an extra special mention to:

  • Gianluca Lammertsma for GCal – not just a calendar, but so much more!
  • Rouha Granfar for GriffAccess – a one-stop-shop for information, for students and staff with accessibility requirements.
  • Alexander Paatan for ERS (Emergency Response for Students) – an emergency line for students who need security assistance.

So many of you had wonderful ideas, and we definitely saw a few themes coming though – this gives us some great food for thought when discussing new ideas to help greater your student experience at Griffith. Congratulations again to those mentioned above for their great ideas and their incredible written pitches.

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