Digital Solutions helping students in need

The good news stories in times like these are important. 

This week, Digital Solutions was able to provide 38 computers to some very worthy students. The department will also be providing many more computers to come.

“I was lucky enough to give out two personally at Nathan campus,” said Chief Digital Officer, Thomas King.

Griffith students are facing great challenges as they adjust to daily life, many of who face financial losses as their casual work hours have decreased, or they are left with no job at all. Students are navigating significant logistical changes to their daily lives, and this is where Digital Solutions felt it necessary to help.  

The University is taking measures to assist, including Vice Chancellor Carolyn Evans introducing a Covid-19 Student Support Bursary. The bursary provides up to $1,500 for the impacted students. Many international and domestic students have applied so far, as they work out how to keep up their studies during this time.

At this stage, over 98 bursary recipients have opted to borrow a computer for use at home, with hundreds more computers offered to students in various situations over the coming weeks.

“They are doing it particularly tough,” said Thomas King after speaking with two of the students who have accessed computers from Digital Solutions.

One student had come to campus straight from an interview for a security job. Both students indicated that the computer loans would allow them to use their money for bills such as internet access and electricity from their home studies.  

“It’s great to be part of a team making a positive difference to some of our community,” says Thomas King.

Donations are welcome to the Covid-19 Student Support Bursary.

Computers in N53 ready for student use

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