A rogue USB

Our fifth, and final, of the top 5 essentials of cyber security.

We love free stuff – who doesn’t! But a free USB on the ground is not the kind of free stuff you want. Trust us.

USBs are great for storing files, backing up your data and sharing files from one device to another. There are three types of people who see a USB left abandoned:

  • The Wiper – wipes content immediately and enjoys their new storage device.
  • The Viewer – you might pretend it’s to check who it belongs to, but it ends up being a photomontage that would make a long-running sitcom blush.
  • The Hander-Innerah – they hand it in to front desk or security (we love you guys!).

The good news is The Hander-Innerah will come out on top, because while it’s useful for transferring files, it’s even better for transferring viruses. You might just open a file containing a virus and unleash it upon your (or our) devices, sometimes without even knowing it happened.

The Wiper could potentially do a complete reformat, but

aint nobody got time for that GIF

It like 10 seconds – whatever. And still no guarantee.

Do not put any unknown USBs or XHD into your devices. Hand them in just in case their owner comes back desperate for their data.

For information on how to ensure no one goes through your files, looking at you The Viewer, follow our steps in our previous post on how to encrypt your devices.

Stay cyber secure at all times.

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