Cyber security: mobile devices

Much of our life is spent online. In fact, if the recent world health pandemic taught us nothing else, it proved how much could be achieved online!

This means we need to be just as vigilant wandering around as we are at home. We need to keep devices encrypted or watch out for scams and phishing.

Mobile devices

As discussed in our previous parts to being cyber secure and aware, you need to keep your devices up to date. This includes system updates – yes, we know, it’s annoying when the update changes the placement of apps. It IS essential as it’s how our OS knows what to patch and upgrade security measures.

If you are unsure if your devices are update, please check on the following sites:

It is also best to set a SIM passcode and have a screen lock. Depending on what kind of messages you receive, you might also want to have the text hidden on a locked screen. Trust us when we say it’s gotten awkward and uncomfortable – we’ve learnt things… 😳

Encryption for your mobile devices is a lot easier than you might think:

  • Apple – enabled once the passcode lock is configured
  • Android – Settings, Security, Encrypt Device
  • Windows – Settings, Systems, Device Encryption

And you might want to enable ‘find my device’ as well.

If you are upgrading, selling or giving away your old devices, it’s very important you wipe the data!


We encourage you to keep your computers updated to the latest software upgrade. However, we also suggest you wait for a few weeks to check if any issues have been found. Currently we do not recommend Griffith Staff upgrade to Catalina or MacOS v10.15 while we are still working on some compatibility issues.

Griffith does a lot to keep you secure, but it means you have to work with us. We have Single Sign On (SSO), anti-virus software, as well as automatic operating system and application patching. Which is all well and good while using Griffith devices, which brings us to travelling.


Are you heading off somewhere? Maybe it’s back home, or a holiday, or you got invited to a conference – go you for that! This means you are now travelling and you hold some sensitive data. Even your study is sensitive and remember if you can access your personal data on a device, so can anyone who uses that device.

We will offer our last part of the five essentials of cyber security next week. We will talk about USB safety.

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