Cyber security: data protection

We are continuing our five part special on cyber security. This week we are talking about data protection – encrypting your portable and removable devices.

We told you about staying safe at home, but you need to be secure your USBs and external hard drives as well.

Store in the cloud

Chances are, you’re probably already storing in the cloud automatically, but did you know you can do that with your uni work? You may already be aware that Griffith University uses Microsoft 365, such as Outlook for email as our computing base. This means you not only get O365 for free(!), but you also get access to OneDrive.

However, good IT practice includes means having more than one back up. Yes, this could be another account in the cloud but for those with USBs and external hard drives (XHD) you can encrypt them.

Encrypted devices

The first thing to remember about encrypting – is the passphrase you are going to use! You can encrypt natively on both Windows and Mac.


Bitlock can be found with a quick search on Windows. It is found under control panel – System and Security. Follow the prompts on screen.


MAC OS Disk Utility is the one for our MAC users, you can follow the information on this Communities post.

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