Cyber security: at home

Are you cyber savvy?

We don’t just want you to be safe on our devices; we want you to be safe on yours as well. Because of this, we want you to know more about our cyber security measures.

There is only so much computers and technology can do for every virus, vishing, phishing and scam created, and we have security methods designed to counterbalance known threats. Yet more will be created, and they will use terms to exploit us into thinking it’s legitimate.

We, as users, are also a line of defence in cyber security. Over the next five weeks, we are going to share what we believe are the five essentials of cyber security. Our first topic is:

Cyber security at home

Stay updated

While you are chilling at home, you still have to be cyber secure. First, keep your devices updated! When new patches come along, it’s best to update. Sure, maybe search about it first to ensure it’s a good update, but it should still be done. Your device may shutdown and restart for many updates to take effect.


You should also use long unique passwords such as a passphrase which is unique to you. P455w0rd5 can be easily guessed if someone knows you and people are often using the same one as others – honestly, it’s like some are not even trying!


Make sure your home Wi-Fi is secure; if you haven’t already, consider changing the password given to you by your provider. Oh, and you can change the Service Set Identifier (SSID) which is basically a fancy word for your wireless network name. You can also turn off the broadcasting if you don’t need it.

Did you know you can encrypt your USBs and external hard drives? Check out our post next week for more information and follow the Digital Solutions social media (see top right corner of this page) for continual and updated information.

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