What happens after I graduate?

You made it to the final week of Trimester 3, and we admit, we’re kind of proud of you and hope you are of you as well.

Here are a few things we want you to know before the trimester ends on Saturday 15 February:


Great news if you are graduating! You will join the 200,000+ Griffith Alumni from around the globe. Being a Griffith alumnus entitles alumni to some fantastic benefits including professional development, global mentoring, public lectures, exclusive events, unique benefits, alumni awards and more. To access these benefits, make sure to update Griffith with your contact details.

Computers and Wi-Fi

Computer access is gone – zip, zero, no dice. You will not be able to log into any of our networked computers the moment trimester ends. That means no logging in to check your unofficial transcript or to enrol in a subject or submit documents on networked computers. Also, the wi-fi? Yeah, you won’t be able to connect once trimester has ended.

H Drive

While content will remain on your network storage space (H Drive), you will lose access to retrieve content. If you have saved anything to your student drive on our networked computers, we strongly suggest you bring in a USB or hard drive and save content to your personal devices. If you come back to study, it will be available for you to access again.

Learning@Griffith and myGriffith

You will retain your access to both learning@griffith and myGriffith and log in anytime. However, the usual rule of a password change is every six months. You can reset your password multiple ways.


Good news, you can still access the physical copies on the shelves in the libraries. In fact, as alumni, you can even borrow many items. And the icing on the cake – it’s FREE for alumni to join the library.


We gave you Office365 for free while being a student, but this only remains for active students. Much like your student email, you will maintain your access to Office365 for 180 days after graduation. Then it will stop working, and you need to order your copy of Office.


You’ve created quite the portfolio on your PebblePad, and you don’t want to lose it. You will need to change it to an Alumni account before you graduate. You will need to make the change before your Griffith account is deactivated so make sure you do it before you last exam!

Student email

After you have graduated, your student email switches from @griffithuni.edu.au to @alumni.griffithuni.edu.au. Your account will automatically change over after 180 days from graduation.

Please note, these conditions may change in the future depending on changes in Griffith service agreements

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