How we are improving student printing

Did you know student printing is improving at Griffith? The current system is due to be replaced and upgraded with a brand new printing system, myPrint, on Monday 19 August 2019.

The change over to myPrint commences 12 August, and during this time, student printing is available and free – so get those assignments ready!

What to love about myPrint

The introduction of myPrint frees up time for our hardworking Library & Learning Services Staff who have manually been helping students with cash transactions. Not just that, we didn’t forget the users of the printing service and ensured students had their say on myPrint making their life easier. The following benefits were prioritised:

  • myPrint online portal
    An online portal to manage printing accounts 24/7. Students can check balances, top-up funds using debit/credit accounts, transfer funds and reset Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).
  • The ability to print from your own mobile devices
    Students can now print from their own devices anywhere on campus; talk about convenient!
  • Transferring funds
    A new ‘gifting’ option enabling students to transfer unused printing funds to other students. Happy birthday Becky, here’s $5 printing money.
  • 100% Carbon neutral service
    Includes printers, servers and use of 100% recycled paper.

What is changing?

Want to know more?

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