Submitting your assignment with ease


Submitting your written assignment online is a super easy process. We’ve outlined the process below, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to not only leave yourself enough time to submit (none of this 11:59 pm risky business), however also that you obtain a digital receipt of your submission. This proves that you did submit that assignment, in case (touch wood) anything may go wrong.

How to submit

At Griffith, all assignment submission is online. Simply head to Learning@Griffith, load up your course site and locate the submission point (you’ll find it under the relevant Assessment folder in the left hand menu).

While the method of submission depends on what your course convener has chosen, the main two essay submission assessment tools used at Griffith are Turnitin and the Blackboard Assignment tool (this includes SafeAssign). They are pretty straightforward to use, but if you need further assistance check out these guides:

Once you’ve clicked the Submit button, it’s important to check your assessment has been uploaded correctly and that you submitted the correct file. It’s best to do this straight away, because sometimes the Submission Point may get closed later, after the due date for example. To do so:

  • In Turnitin, after you see the digital receipt popup window (and have printed/saved a copy), open the file to check it. From your Submission Inbox you can either click on the title of your file or on the pencil icon. Check that your file uploaded properly.
  • In the Blackboard Assignment tool, after you see the successful submission message at the top of the page, you will now be able to see the file you have submitted on screen. At this point, ensure that the file is uploaded and can be read (if it is a text file).

The Assessment Submission and Return Procedures Policy states that for assessment tasks submitted electronically ‘the student is responsible for the files being able to be opened and viewed’, so don’t get caught out.

Get your digital receipt

Once you’ve submitted your assignment, we recommend you get a digital receipt. It provides solid proof that you did submit your assignment.

In Turnitin, a digital receipt will appear in a popup window when you have submitted an assignment successfully. It is a great idea to print and/or save a copy of this receipt.

In the Blackboard Assignment tool, you will get a ‘Submission received’ email after successful submission of your assignment. You can also check under the Submitted tab in your My Marks area to see submission receipts for any assignments submitted via this tool.

Need further help?

If you do encounter any issues during the submission process (or post submission), you can easily access the Support Centre in Learning@Griffith by clicking the little red tag with ? at the top right of your screen, or contact the IT Service Centre (contact details at the bottom of the page) for further assistance.

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