FREE or discounted available software for students

Here at Griffith, we aim to do everything we can to assist you throughout your studies, and our available software helps with just that!

Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on software to download on your already expensive shiny new laptop, check out what software we have readily available to you as a student.

Griffith computers

Common-use computers:

Our common-use computers are available to use on campus already provide you with your standard go-to software – MS Office, Adobe and various internet browsers. However, further applications vary between locations.  You can find a comprehensive list of current computer lab software applications here.

School labs:

Some areas of study have specialist software needs depending on your course and what is required to use on a device. If this is the case, your school/department will provide you with access to this. For access to specialised labs, contact your school.

Home-use software

All students get FREE access to Office 365, yep that’s right, free. FYI, yearly subscriptions for Microsoft Office packs start at around $100 – You. Are. Welcome!

You’re also entitled to 50% off Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security to help protect you from all those nasty viruses, hackers and losing that assignment you’ve spend hours and hours on.

You can download the following software for home-use for free through the Software Download Service:

  • doPDF
  • EndNote
  • NVivo
  • Leximancer
  • SAS
  • SPSS (note: an annual subscription fee applies)


P.S. did you know that we also have a Griffith App?

For more information, visit the Available Software webpage.

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