What came first – blog or social?

Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash

Actually, it was our social! That’s right, we have been sharing stuff on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a while now and we want to connect our readers to our channels. And for those already following our socials – welcome to our blog!

We are delighted in how responsive everyone has been, it’s always scary to start social media channels. And with technology constantly integrating with how we deliver and interact with education and higher learning, we decided it was time to talk about what Griffith University IT can do for you.

We offer you some great discounts and even a few things for free!

Dell computers
Apple computers
HP computers
Microsoft Office 365 (free)
Antivirus – Symantec (free)
EndNote (free)
doPDF (free)
Antivirus – Norton (50% discount)
SPSS (annual subscription)

We can even help with your password, connecting to Wi-Fi, learning how to print, what you can do with your own device on campus, locating available on computers and general IT support.

Follow our blog and our socials for upcoming events, such as Hackathon, tips on cyber security, where to recycle your eWaste and funny moments in the IT world.

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