Protect your digital life

When you think of your valuable items you generally think of tangible objects in your home. Might be your car, TV, jewellery, that $500 pair of shoes you’ve never worn but they look nice in the cupboard.

But what about the valuable information you have online including your online identity and data? More than ever, we are storing an abundance of valuable information on our digital devices and in the cloud.

In light of this week being privacy awareness week, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to let you in on a few safety tips to ensure that you stay cyber safe:

Install anti-virus software
Griffith University provides Symantec AV to students for free and can be downloaded from the instructions here.

Make sure you create a strong password
Not sure where to start? Check out our handy tipsfor creating a password. And just so you know, ‘password’ is not a good password. In fact, it’s been reported in the press as one of the most common passwords used! You can take note of the top 25 worst passwords for 2018 and make sure yours isn’t on the list.

Never reply to emails/click on links asking you for personal information
Did you receive an email asking for your bank account details? Chances are pretty high that you didn’t win a fortune in a lottery you never entered or inherit millions from a rich uncle you never knew existed. So, if you neglect to provide your bank details, you won’t miss out on anything – except trouble. If the site’s description, title, or URL seems dodgy to you, don’t click on it. Otherwise you could pick up something nasty, like spyware, malware or a virus.


There is plenty more advice on the Griffith University Cyber Security web page that will help you stay safe on the digital world, so don’t forget to check it out.

And just remember, you can never be too cyber aware!

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