Recycle your batteries and eWaste at your Library 

Do you have a device that is housing your used up batteries or are they stored in the same box with your new batteries? One of the big mysteries in life is why don’t we just throw them out?

The reason this was drilled into us is due to the mercury that batteries used to contain, however as technology advances, majority of companies such as Duracell stopped using mercury in 1993. Some batteries do still contain mercury and need to be disposed of correctly – and that’s where we come in!

As part of Griffith University’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, we encourage you to bring us your old batteries and eWaste products; computers, monitors, mobile phones, television, and other office electronics. We handle the disposal of the contents ethically. Make sure you also back up data, delete and reformat your devices before you dispose of them. Your data is precious and you need to be aware of how you store and destroy it.

You can find the eWaste recycle bins in each of our campuses libraries.

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