Our App Ideas Challenge winners!

Ah…the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We received close to 100 app ideas, and let us tell you, you made it hard for us to choose the top 3! Thank you for putting the time and effort into visualising and describing an app that would better the student life here at Griffith University. However, only 3 can take the cake (and by cake, we mean cash!).


1st place: Hayley Payne

A big congratulations (and an enormous $1,500 cheque) is in order for our first place winner, Hayley Payne! Currently studying her masters in Global Development after graduating from a Bachelor of Public Relations and Communication in 2017, Hayley won the judges over with the app idea, Your Griffith.

Your Griffith is about connecting students with the people, services and events that will help them strive at Griffith. The app has three key areas; social connection tool, inbuilt calendar and mapping feature and the student health services tool. The social aspect would connect you to your classmates and people interested in similar topics, allowing meetups and virtual study sessions with peers, set group goals, make friends, send encouragement, host remote collaborative sessions and more. The inbuilt calendar and mapping feature will have all services and their events inputted into the calendar. Students can choose to opt into what kinds of events they are interested in, whether they would like a daily rundown of events on campus, notifications when there is free food nearby and more. And the student health services feature would offer self-help and information on mental health, inbuilt guided mindfulness and meditation exercises, health updates, easy access bookings for student services, links to simple study break workout videos and tips for eating healthy on a budget, assisting students in better maintaining their mental health and being able to focus on their studies. It will also have a button to request a security escort to your car at night! Overall, this is an app that will be used long-term, not just in a phase which loses its flavour after a month, and that’s exactly why we loved it!

1st place – Hayley Payne

2nd place: Alexandra Thompson

Alex Thompson came in at second place, winning a nice $750 for the app idea, Where the Griff am I? A PhD student with the school of ICT, looking at the design of AR applications for people by people, this study was exactly what influenced the amazing app idea. Alex believes a better and more interesting navigation system is in order at Griffith. The idea involved producing an augmented reality app which could highlight key landmarks and buildings in the real world through the camera feed, utilising ARCore or ARKit in conjunction with the device’s GPS. People could then enter their target destination and have the directions superimposed onto their actual environment, meaning no more guessing between two pathways, or going upstairs instead of down. Talk about convenient.

2nd place – Alex Thompson

3rd place: Andrew Goodman

Last but not least, third place and $500 prize winner goes to the well-deserved 1st year Information Technology student, Andrew Goodman. Missing your bus isn’t always bad luck. After having a bad public transport day, Andrew took this as the perfect opportunity to transform this into the app idea, Griffith Travel Share. It’s car-pooling initiative; an app similar to Uber except only for Griffith University students! This would allow students who have a car to pick up other students and transport them to University for a small fee. A lower-cost and more convenient alternative to Uber, taxis and public transport, AND rules out the issue of limited parks. We love it, Andrew!

3rd place – Andrew Goodman

Hackathon Weekend:

Even though you may not have won a prize yet, don’t give up! There’s now a change to turn your app idea into a reality. Sign up for the Hackathon weekend and win part of a major cash prize pool.

This is a chance to transform your awesome app idea/s into something real at our 30-hour Hackathon event from 3-4 August 2019.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to take part in the Hackathon. All you need to bring to the table is your creativity, skills and passion to design, develop and showcase a mobile application that would greatly improve your student life.

Ultimately, you’ll be working in groups of three to four people to develop a web/mobile application and showcase it to the judges.

  • $2,000 for the winning team of the Hackathon
  • $1,000 for the runner-up team of the Hackathon
  • $500 for best UI design

Head over to the webpage, have a read and register now as an individual or team for 30-hours of fun and your chance to win big!

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