Available computers to use on your campus


Griffith is full of fab freebies. Things such as Wi-Fi, software and antivirus, Microsoft, and of course, free computers in the labs are all available to you as a student.

There are an array of common use computer labs across all campuses, some of which operate 24 hours for the night owls and the early birds.

The labs are perfect if you forgot your laptop, don’t want to carry one around all day, need to catch up on some study in your long breaks, want to have a read of the DS blog (most important), or even great for a common meeting and working place for group assignments.

So, where can you find these rooms of greatness? Go and have a look at the lab locations. You can also see how many computers in the lab are available, which saves you walking across the entire campus only to find no free spots!

All computers in common use computer labs will have standard software including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe and various internet browsers.

Sometimes you require specialised software or hardware for your course. In these instances, your School may provide access to this through school-based computer labs (for further info about these facilities, contact your school).

Software may vary between locations, and you can check out the full list of available software on computers here.

Check out our student computing page for more information on using our computers.

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