Learning@Griffith – your online learning environment


How amazing would it be if there was one place where you could find all your lecture notes, course readings, lecture recordings, grades and more important stuff? Well, fortunately we are all over it! Learning@Griffith is your essential info guide.

Once enrolled, each of your subjects will have its own tab on Learning@Griffith, where you can access all its important files. All you need to do is log into Learning@Griffith, and select your desired course under My Courses and Organisations.

This will take you to the course Announcements page. On the left-hand navigation menu, you’ll see links to all the important stuff you’re going to need for that subject over the trimester.

Your course convenor controls these folders and will upload any content you’ll nee. While the folders may look slightly different for each of your courses, they’ll generally include the following:

  • Course Profile – This will provide an overview of the subject, learning and teaching aims, content and assessment.
  • Course Content – Your Course Content is mostly broken down by teaching weeks. Just click the relevant week to access all resources for that period.
  • Echo360 (Lecture Capture) – All your lectures are automatically recorded using Echo360 technology; you can access the recordings, along with interactive features such as note taking, bookmarking and more, from here.
  • Staff Information – Find contact details for your teaching staff.
  • Assessment – Your convenor will upload relevant assessment information here.
  • My Marks – View your grades for assessment items.
  • Readings – Find a link to all required and recommended readings for your subject.

If you need any help accessing and navigating Learning@Griffith, simply click the little question mark at the top right to open the Learning@Griffith Support Centre, or you can Ask Us or contact the IT Service Centre.

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