Stay protected with Griffith’s antivirus software


We all love a good discount and readily available software. It’s even better when it’s for must-have software to help protect your computer.

The cold and flu aren’t the only virus’ you want to avoid. So, just as you’d work hard to keep yourself from getting sick, it’s just as important to do the same for your computer or device.

Fortunately, here at Griffith we have antivirus software available at your fingertips, ready to help shield your valuable documents and prevent your personal info from being stolen by cyber hackers!

As a Griffith student, you can download Symantec Endpoint Protection through our Software Download Service for free. Yep, free!

Just follow our instructions to access the Software Download Service, select the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder and your operating system, and run the executable file.

If you want further protection, you could also download Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security. Just register your Griffith email address to score 50% off!

Once you’ve gotten your anti-virus software sorted, there are a few more things to you can to do protect against computer viruses. So, check out our post on how to secure your virtual world to keep yourself protected online.

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