Why we all need Lecture Capture as our best friend

Need a refresher on your lectures from this trimester? Couldn’t make it to last week’s class? Or maybe you just miss the sound of your lecturer’s voice and their endless amount of knowledge? Well, whatever the reason, never fear, lecture capture is here!

We understand that taking in and remembering 12 weeks of content in order to pass your exam is a hard task, so why not use this amazing resource to help get you those grades you deserve? The IT gods are on your side.

To access lecture recordings online:

  • Simply log in to Learning@Griffith with your Griffith University username and password, head on over to your course site and you’ll see a link to your lecture recordings on the left hand menu.

To access lecture recordings on your smartphone or tablet:

You’ll find a range of awesome features with Echo360:

  • Access recordings anywhere and anytime.
  • Take notes alongside the video recordings (not available on the app).
  • Bookmark important sections – super helpful for revision! Did the lecturer just say this would be on the exam? *bookmark*!
  • Increase the speed of which you’re listening to the lecture, if you want to power through it.

Don’t forget, if your WiFi connection is lagging, there’s an option that allows you to save a copy of the recording and play it without a connection. Talk about convenience.

For more information about Lecture Capture, visit the Lecture Capture webpage. Or if you need IT support, ask the Learning@Griffith Support Centre or contact the IT Service Centre.

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